The really happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour.


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Why You Need This Book

Science and research informed Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too. Read it, and you’ll understand why guilt and perfectionism are traps you can – and should – avoid. Here’s a sampling of what we learned:

  • Taking time for yourself reduces stress. Studies show that a continuous cycle of striving, failure and self-criticism creates stress which pumps our blood full of hormones that can be harmful to the immune system!
  • Women spend more time with their kids now than ever before, yet feel more guilty. Mothers spend four more hours a week with their children now than they did 40 years ago – and yet 52% of moms say they suffer from guilt about not spending quality time with their kids. Women tend to blame themselves for being inadequate mothers, when often perfectionism is the culprit.
  • Only 20% of Americans feel passionate about what they do. Of the women in our focus groups who described themselves as “happy most of the time,” almost all either had work they loved or pursued hobbies.
  • More marital intimacy means more happiness.A study has shown that increasing intimacy with your husband from once a month to once a week makes you as happy as getting a $50K/year raise! And yet most of the women we spoke with said that they were too tired and distracted to initiate, or even desire, sex with their partners.
  • Mothers put themselves last too often. The majority of women we interviewed named outdoor physical activity as the one sure-fire way to make themselves feel re-energized and positive. But 66% of American women say they never engage in vigorous, physical leisure activities for more than ten minutes a week.