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Behind the Scenes at TODAY

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Here TODAY, gone tomorrow.

Monday, I was riding in a LIMOUSINE through New York City. Tuesday I was doing five (yes five, no exaggeration) loads of laundry and trying to sort about a hundred pairs of mismatched socks.

Did you know:

  • the green room is not actually green
  • Justin Bieber is more important than Hillary Clinton (to some), and no, we didn’t get to see her (but we did see the millions of sreaming Justin Bieber fans)
  • “lashy” eyes are in
  • 4 1/2 minutes goes in the blink of an eye and you’re lucky if you get to say half of what you’d planned on saying
  • limos are lonely when you don’t have someone to ride with (Susan had her own car!) and when it’s not stocked with booze
  • the vibe on the Today Show set is very relaxed, despite the huge turnover in guests and tight pacing
  • Natalie Morales is drop dead gorgeous, and teensy weensy
  • producers are almost impossible to reach when you’re pitching a story, but once you’re there on set, they are extremely friendly and NORMAL
  • getting on National TV is a really excellent dieting tool
  • blogging on only brought out about 10% of the haters–most of the comments were grateful…

More inside scoop tomorrow!