I’m sorry

Kids, I’m sorry for:

  • not always making you breakfast with protein in it (and ensuring you get your vitamins, fish oil and Juice + every morning)
  • not always checking whether you’ve done your reading
  • serving too much Annie’s mac and cheese
  • getting mad at you in the mornings when we’re late (when in fact I held everyone up because I decided to check e-mail)
  • not being able to answer every question, like: how do I do this algebraic equation
  • wishing all three of you were A+ students
  • complaining about carpool so much
  • not being more interested in what you’re learning in school
  • absolutely, 100% knowing I will never let you have a dog
  • being so bad about pocket money
  • getting your permission slips in late

Kids, what I’m not sorry for:

  • letting you live in a messy house
  • expecting you to always do your best
  • having 5, 6, 7 of your friends over at a time
  • being strict about TV
  • having family dinners most nights
  • making you do your own laundry
  • giving you autonomy over your homework
  • letting you have sleepovers whenever you want
  • insisting on kindness
  • watching American Idol together
  • talking openly about sex and love
  • giving you the benefit of the doubt
  • caring so much about my work
  • thinking you are too cute for words

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