For the Love of Animals

Our cat is 16 years old. I defy anyone to claim to have a better kitty than our Emmy. She’s endured six moves, three across country; two airplane rides; weeks alone in our house while we’re on vacation and yet she still purrs like a revved up engine when we come near her. Despite being an old lady, she looks like a teenager, slim and nimble.

But one day a few weeks ago she stopped eating.

Turned out she has liver disease. No problem, the vet said (the first time Emmy has been to the vet since she was adopted, BTW), just give her this medicine. FOUR TIMES A DAY. Two pills and two liquids.

You try giving a cat a pill! She won’t eat, so putting it in her food is useless. Tonight as she was hissing at me and squirming, and I was pressing on her mouth with my fingers and pushing a syringe through her fragile old teeth, I felt like a beast. But it’s let her die or force medicine into her.

I thought about pets and kids after my heart stopped pounding and I got her to calm down and she began to purr again. What we do for our kids. What we do for our animals. I am exhausted.

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