Moms Think Recession Can Be Good!

We just did a survey of all our newsletter subscribers–thousands of moms all across America–and were stunned by the implications. Thanks to all for participating: we got statistically important results that were astonishing!

It was so exciting, because it proves to us that we’re on to something with this idea that mothers want solutions to their crazy-busy lives. We’re all dying for some positivity! Moms don’t want to complain anymore; we want to figure out how to manage things so that life doesn’t just speed us by.

The most shocking realization comes when your kids are suddenly taller than you are and you think to yourself, wow, it’s almost over already. And I spent so much time grumbling and complaining and being too busy to enjoy the moment. What a waste!

Here is some info on the results:

We asked whether the recession was good or bad for families in the long run, and the results showed that by an incredible margin of almost 2:1, modern mothers feel the recession provides an important opportunity to reassess family values. Contrary to the doom and gloom stories on the economy that continue to play in the media all around us, American families do not think the recession is all bad news.

When given a variety of options as to why, there was universal agreement that the recession provided a broad-based opportunity to improve family life.

72% of respondents answered “all of the above” when offered the following reasons for their optimistic outlook:
•    tightening our belt educates kids about the value of money
•    re-adjusting our schedules helps kids find more precious downtime
•    being less busy and distracted helps us focus more on the small pleasures of life

Of those who answered no to the question “Is the recession good for families in the long run,” the majority expressed concern about children reacting to parents’ stress levels.

There’s enormous pent-up demand in American families for getting back to basics. The economic recession is viewed by many as a chance to make dramatic, holistic life changes. Parents are seeking opportunities to revisit their family’s goals and aspirations, to reset the family calendar, to help their children appreciate the value of money and work and to find more time to enjoy simple pleasures.

Time for some good news to hit the airwaves!

One Response to “Moms Think Recession Can Be Good!”

  1. margaret Says:

    I was just talking with some friends about this this morning! I can’t even turn on the news anymore, it’s all just too depressing. Your survey sounds surprising, but I think it’s finally good news. Would you ever publish the details for us? I thought your book had such great ideas. Simple, but something I could do. I bought a copy for my sister and my sister in law.