In the Motherhood

I’m happy to see that women are more and more comfortable talking about the reality of motherhood. Increasingly, you’ll hear moms telling it like it is, and stopping with the pretense that an insane amount of blood, sweat and tears = guaranteed superstar kids.

There’s this hilarious webcast, In the Motherhood. Just listening to these women takes a load off our shoulders. What’s even funnier is that the episodes were written using submissions from real moms.

Then there are these new TV episodes on abc. And this book about the dirty secrets of parenting. Lots of videos on YouTube making fun of over-the-top moms. I mean, wherever we go there’s an opportunity to either laugh at ourselves or to sigh with relief about the hilarious moments we find ourselves in.

But…. while I’m fine with not taking myself too seriously, I also get a little tired of the “make-fun-of-how-foolish-moms-are” mode. Yes, we do stupid things, we worry too much, we work too hard and we make fools of ourselves. BUT, what do we do if all this causes us and our families great pain? What happens when it’s just not funny anymore?

Many mothers out there are seriously stressed out.

The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center conducted a study in 2003 of mothers who brought their kids into the ER for non-threatening problems. Thirty percent of those moms screened positive for depression, anxiety, panic attacks or physical problems related to stress! So how do we help parents control their anxiety? What steps can mothers and fathers take, right now, that will help them instead of make fun of them? That was the goal of our book. To tell it like it is, with raw honesty, and then take the next step: help mothers figure out what to do next. Or, even better; WHAT NOT TO DO!

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