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What words mean

Friday, July 6th, 2007

We’ve been having such interesting conversations about how to give a book a really great title. Oh boy. It is HARD, we can tell you that!

In many ways, it’s not unlike naming a baby. You know when you have a cool name you think is just so different and chic, or solid and respectful, or fun and cute, and someone just comes right out and says, “Ugh!” and then gives their list of reasons they hate it. Sounds bad, weird, hard to say, too boring, knew and hated a person named that… Naming people–or things–is so highly subjective there’s no way you can please everyone.

So it is with books too. But when you hear a great name, you know it. We’re waiting to get that “Yesssss!” feeling when we hit on a perfect title.

We’ll be on a hiatus for a few weeks as we wrap up our writing. Keep tuned! Maybe next time you hear from us, we’ll have a cool new baby with a cool new name…